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1971 Pontiac Lemans, Restoration

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The Le Mans was born in Fremont, California US in  1971 number 3407 off the line that year for this model. Presumably after its birth the motor spent some time in the US but the first introduction to the car was is in 2001 when my mate John Donegan saw the car for sale on Oxford street Sydney Australia on a night out and bought the car off a David Spare a short while later. John drove the Pontiac with the style only he could in Australia. On returning to Ireland John packed her up into a container and shipped it back as well. After a long voyage by sea taking 6 months the Le Mans arrived on Irish soil and was registered with the Carlow number plate 71-CW-505 on the 23rd of December 2003.

















The Pontiac cruised the streets of Carlow town and Carpenterstown under the care of John until a number of mechanical problems forced the old girl off the road and kept her in storage for a few years. In July 2013 after 12 years in John’s care he passed the ownership of the Pontiac over to me as he felt that the flame was slowly dying and if action was not taken the old girl would not see the open road again.

I had admired the car for a long time when John had her and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to bring her back to life and look forward hearing the roar of that big Pontiac 400, V8 6.6l 300 horse power!

Below I have included a picture of the VIN plate, if anyone out there can piece together the early part of the history of this motor we would be very grateful. Please e-mail:  


VIN Plate:


71            Year


2              Pontiac


37            Le Mans


37           2Dr Hrdtp


Z             Fremont, CA


03407     Assembly line identification number


269         Trim code “Black”


B             Blue Charcoal

   History : From America to Australia to Ireland

PONTIAC1 PONTIAC2 Pontiac3 For more details see:

Plan for restoration:


After thinking about the restoration project for some time through various internet searches, reading various books and manuals I have decided not to do a full frame up restoration. The primary motivations for choosing this approach were not having the jigs and tooling to easily do this type of restoration and secondly I believe that despite the fact that the car is 40 years old, it has spent most of its life in good climates as seems to be relatively rust free.

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